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Travel Insurance FAQs

Having travel insurance shields you from unnecessary costs and risks you are exposed to while travelling overseas. With travel insurance, you enjoy peace of mind while travelling, knowing you can seek compensation should any travel mishaps like lost or misplaced luggage, flight delays/ cancellation or even personal injury take place.

Travel insurance covers the policyholder for losses incurred during domestic or international travel. Travel insurance plans commonly include:

  • Personal Accident Benefit
  • Medical Expenses Benefit
  • Travel Delay Benefit
  • Baggage delay Benefit
  • Trip Cancellation Benefit
  • Loss of Travel Documents Benefit
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

  • Depending on the type of vacation you’re having, add-ons to look out for include:

  • Loss of Mobile Phone Benefit
  • Terrorism
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Adventure Cover
  • Loss of Frequent Flyer Points
  • Delay Due to Airline Collapse
  • Rental Vehicle Excess Cover
  • Single vs Annual
  • A single trip travel insurance covers you for trips that begin and end in Singapore.
  • Annual travel insurance covers unlimited trips that begin and end in Singapore for up to a year. Generally, each trip should not be over 90 days, but this depends on your travel insurer. Buying annual travel insurance can save you a lot of money if you travel frequently. Annual travel insurance also eliminates the fuss of comparing different travel insurance every single time you travel since it has year-long coverage.

  • Family Travel Insurance Plans
  • If you’re travelling as a family, most insurers provide a cheaper family travel insurance plan. This works if you plan on getting similar coverage for each family member.
  • A travel insurance policy should cover you for a reasonable period of time especially in cases of flight delays and cancellations that cause you to miss connecting flights. Ensure that your policy also covers you fairly in the case of delayed or lost baggage. Take note of the maximum amount that you are covered for. Lastly, overseas medical coverage should cover you for at least $200,000. A good plan offers unlimited coverage in the case of emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

    Look for reputable insurers that provide 24-hour worldwide assistance. Crisis-response capabilities and the ability to process claims quickly are also important factors.

    Extreme sports or photography trips might also require you to get additional coverage such as accident coverage for high-risk activities and baggage compensation for expensive equipment.

    A travel insurance policy should be purchased once the trip is confirmed. Don’t buy just before you leave, as many plans cover trip cancellation in the event of illness, death and insolvency of travel operator even before the departure date. However, the period of pre-departure coverage varies across different insurers.

    Travel insurance policies can also be conveniently bought online. Using a comparison tool helps you make an informed choice on insurance coverage that is suitable for you. You may even be able to enjoy promotional offers when you buy online.

    Not all travel insurance include compensation when you lose your mobile phone. Loss of personal items may have a coverage limit per item regardless of its purchase price. Some plans only cover the actual cost of the item so it is important to look into the specific details. In some plans, higher coverage is offered when a greater premium amount is paid.

    If personal items are lost or stolen during the trip, report the loss of your personal items to the local police within 24 hours. Retain supporting documents and original receipts for an insurance claim. Claims are reviewed and the insurer may refuse your claim if the loss of your personal belongings is due to the owner’s negligence.

    Immediately report incidents with local authorities and get a written report. Prepare proof of delay such as receipts that show monetary value, or the cost of expenses such as meals and transfers as a result of flight delays. Using credit cards instead of cash can serve as proof of purchase too. Keep policy paperwork including any reimbursement or cancellation policies from airline agencies.

    File claims as soon as possible to prevent delays and missing out on filing deadlines for claims. Being prepared and having these supporting documents ready can speed up the processing time for your claims.

    Yes. However, flight cancellations or delays before the date of purchase are usually not covered. In some policies, there may even be a waiting period from the time you buy until the time you are covered. Incidents that happen during this waiting period cannot be claimed. Ideally, it is best to buy travel insurance early to get the most out of your benefits.
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